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GCNet is a joint venture and recognised as a model Public Private Partnership with integrity, professionalism and continuous improvement in Ghana.

GCNet is mandated to deliver an ICT infrastructure that provides electronic platforms for easing trade processes with system availability nationwide to foster trade development and improve revenue mobilization for the benefit of the country and its citizenry. GCNet recognizes that providing tailored e- solutions to Government and its agencies in Ghana to automate its processes has a direct impact on creating a competitive environment for trade facilitation while enhancing revenue mobilisation for accelerated national development.


Our mission is to provide ICT-based solutions that foster Trade Development and Facilitation and ensure effective Mobilization of Trade-Related Revenue.


To Lead In The Provision of e-Solutions For Trade Facilitation And Revenue Mobilization In Africa.

Core Values

As a company that believes in pursuit of concrete steps to fulfil its ambition, GCNet has espoused to work to earn the trust, confidence, goodwill and support of its diverse stakeholders. 


This explains why the service culture of the company has always been rooted in a deep sense of a united purpose and proven value regime. These values underpin our business and guide how we work:


  • Innovation ‒ that makes a difference.
  • Service Excellence ‒ be experts in our fields.
  • Integrity ‒ exhibit honesty and integrity at all times.
  • Professionalism ‒ dedicated to the success of our customers, partners, GCNet’s employees and shareholders.


The passion of the company to excel has always reflected in our courage to be curious and innovative, persistently exploring new ideas that drive growth and sustainability. This culture is built and maintained by the values that underpin our business and guide how we work.


We are proud to say our actions are motivated by the highest standards of integrity and social responsibility. We are a company built and sustained through innovation. We enjoy and benefit from diversity. We deliver results, win where we compete and celebrate our success.

Our History

The introduction of the Ghana Community Network (GCNet) in Ghana in 2003 marked the first generation revolution in the trade facilitation ecosystem in the country, setting for itself the specific mandate to implement TradeNet and the Ghana Customs Management System.

The deployment took place at a time when internet service in the country was at its nascent phase and the entire telecommunication infrastructure was weak, as a result of which GCNet had to develop its own telecommunication links from scratch.

The TradeNet system was developed along the lines of the Singapore TradeNet system which was the first Single Window to be deployed in the world. The GCNet system would later expand based on successes chalked to define the country’s development trajectory in such critical development growth poles as Trade Facilitation, Revenue Mobilisation, Business Registration and Tax Administration.

With over 16 years of global expertise, grounded on steep understanding of the localized challenges, GCNet’s pioneering entry into the trade facilitation space culminated in the provision of end to end service to players in the sector in line with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) guidelines.

Today, we are in a unique position to have a broad overview of business registration, domestic taxation and international customs duties as a result of the systems we have deployed. Our system is really a single window for trade but it is even broader because we provide solutions for B2G, G2G, and B2B relationships.

Our People

We are proud to have a diverse workforce of over 250 professionals. This pool of talented people, each with their own story to tell, constitute the human capital base working passionately and focused in the delivery of enterprise solutions for increased business competitiveness, ease of doing business and increased revenue mobilisation.

At GCNet, our people stand on the pillars of entrepreneurial spirit and determination, inspired by their ideas and philosophy to be successful, deliver the best performance possible and create opportunities for our partners and stakeholders. 

The underlying motivation at GCNet is a culture rooted in a deep sense of our purpose, the personal connections staff have to the brand, our relationships with each other and our passion to win. Our people created our culture and they keep it strong.

Our code of business conduct

We are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and risk management. GCNet’s operations and processes are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified ensuring strict adherence to our values of Integrity, Service Excellence, Innovation and Professionalism.

Additionally, GCNet has an excellent Customer Support Centre offering 24/7 assistance to the trade community. With almost two decades experience in the trade logistic industry in Ghana and partnership with international organizations such as UNTAC, WCO, WTO and AACE, GCNet has built a depth of experience and knowledge in the local environment and also in international trade practices and standards.

Meet the Executive Chairman

Dr. Nortey Omaboe is the Executive Chairman of GCNet and brings on board a wealth of experience and expertise spanning several years of practice as an international corporate development consultant. In Ghana he serves on several corporate boards such as Prudential Bank Ltd, New World Investments, S.G.S Limited and the Credit Reference Bureau.

Dr. Omaboe is currently the Managing Director of ENOA Ltd and leads a team of strategy and investment consultants offering strategic advisory and management services to a wide range of International Companies with strategic business interests in Africa including an array of equity holdings in several sectors in Ghana, comprising Manufacturing, Shipping, Finance and Agriculture.

Dr Omaboe is an Economist with a BSc honours degree in Economics and Accounting from Leeds University, an MBA in Finance and International Business from Columbia University as well as a DBA accreditation from ISM, Paris.


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